As predicted, once more, this years spring allergies are expected to be severe in the Bronx.

For the second year in a row, we saw an unusually cold winter this year, with record breaking amounts of snow.
Fast forward to April, snow melts, creating a lot of moisture in the air, which in turn created high mold and mold spur counts.

Global warming is considered to be partly responsible for the unpredictable shift as well. The increased carbon dioxide and climate change stimulate pollen growth. This then makes pollen more prevalent and potent.

Hello spring allergies!

The thinking is this:
Many people are allergic to mold, and this year, we may even see allergic reactions in people who are not normally allergic to mold.

You may be wondering, however if it’s allergies or a cold, as often symptoms overlap.

We can help clear that up.

Allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms will usually include itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing. Occasionally asthma symptoms can occur as well.

Cold symptoms

Colds, on the other hand, usually include many of the allergy symptoms listed above except for the itchy, watery eyes, and may sometimes include a low grade fever. Also a cold is typically shorter than that of allergies, which can go on for weeks and sometimes months.

There are ways to prevent seasonal allergies from taking over your life. Some of the measures include
• remaining indoors on high pollen count days,
• using your air conditioner when indoors rather than opening doors or windows,
• taking frequent showers when coming in from outdoors,
• when driving, use the air conditioner to filter pollen

Often times with allergies, even when you’ve used preventative measures, medication is required.
Treatment of seasonal allergies is typically over the counter drugs such as Benadryl, Clariton or Allegra. Also a nasal spray such as Flonase can be helpful.

Allergy medication tip: Allergy medication should be taken about 2 weeks before allergy season to have enough time to get into your system.

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, or are not sure if it’s allergies or a common cold, please don’t hesitate to come into our Bronx urgent care center to be evaluated and treated. Walk right in, or check in online to save time
There is relief to seasonal allergies!