Brrrrrrr! Let’s talk about hypothermia!

Here in the northeast, we are experiencing frigid temperatures. Unfortunately, this can set the stage for hypothermia, and sometimes even frostbite.

What is hypothermia? Hypothermia is when the body loses more heat than it can produce. The body’s temperature drops to 35C/ 95F or less, usually caused by prolonged exposure to the cold. The risk of hypothermia increases throughout the winter months, and is especially prevalent during these frigid days of February.

What are some signs of Hypothermia?

You may be suffering from hypothermia if you begin to shiver, feel confused, stutter, loose coordination and have gait abnormality. These symptoms and hypothermia can lead to other health issues such as breathing issues, cardiac arrhythmias, lack of consciousness and even possibly death. If the possibility of having hypothermia is present, make sure to get the patient away from the wintry atmosphere and surround them with warmth. It is then important to take further action such as going to the hospital or our urgent care center. We are available during many night and weekend hours to serve you.

Protecting yourself from Hypothermia:

With below freezing temperatures this winter, hypothermia can be an issue. AFC Urgent Care brings you all the information from how it can be acquired, symptoms, effects and how to treat.  This can happen due to doing work outdoors, shoveling or performing winter sports in extremely cold temperatures. When carrying out these activities, make sure to wear layers and proper winter attire such as gloves, hats and scarves.

Treating Hypothermia:

If you or a loved one suspect that you may have hypothermia or any symptoms, it is important to make sure you minimize any further heat loss. Bring them inside, wrap them up in blankets and take off any wet clothing. Call 911 or immediately bring them to your local AFC Urgent Care. We treat hypothermia at  AFC Urgent Care Bronx, and are available without an appointment 7 days a week.