wash handsIt’s back-to-school season, and that means your kids are going to be exposed to a variety of health risks at school. While vaccinations and flu shot is the recommended methods to prevent illness at your child, there are other precautions they can take to stay healthy throughout the year. Washing hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself. However, do you and your child know how to properly and effectively get rid of bacteria and germs? Take a look at this simple guide below!

When should you wash your hands

  • Before, during and after food preparation
  • Before eating
  • Before and after interacting with somebody sick
  • Before and after treating an open wound
  • After using the bathroom
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • After touching or playing with your pets
  • After touching garbage

How should you wash your hands

  • Wet: Soak your hands with water (cold or warm) and apply soap.
  • Lather: Lather your hands together with soap. Pay attention to the backs of your hands, under your nails and between the fingers.
  • Scrub: Rub your hands together for at least half a minute.
  • Rinse: Run your hands under clean water. Make sure to wash off the soap completely.
  • Dry: Use clean towels to air dry to dry your hands.